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UK Bravo - Alias documentary

Because I've already seen Alias season 3, I've not been watching Bravo and was gutted that tonight I nearly missed an Alias documentary on Bravo that centred around the episode Ricky Gervais starred in.

The last 30 minutes that I caught were extremely funny - especially the bits with Greg Grunberg and Kevin Weisman. I can only assume the first half was as hilarious, grrr at NTL for not having Bravo + 1 around here!

Did anyone catch it?

In other news, according to the Wolf Events email newsletter I received the ticket sales for June 2005 are already higher than the total of people that attended the first UK Alias convention. I think that's good news as we had 3 wonderful guests at AR1 based on costs from only 200-250 people (number not confirmed)

Perhaps we'll get to see more guests next year *crosses fingers* although I'm more than happy with the 2 announced so far *swoon*
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